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    Hello Everyone

    How to watch free video streams online with Mobdro 4?

    So you just downloaded Mobdro 4 and don’t know where to start? Well, this instruction has it all. Scroll down for more details!

    Welcome to Mobdro 4!

    For those who have already got the Mobdro apk on their device or are just about to download it, you now need to learn how to navigate the app inside out.

    I know for some "tech geeks" out there, playing around with a freshly installed application is not something you usually find struggling.

    However, this post may be super helpful for many users, especially ones now THAT good with technology.

    Scroll down for our detailed guideline!

    Don’t miss the chance to know more about Mobdro. Please visit

    What is Mobdro?

    Just a brief introduction for new users: Mobdro is an application supporting users with free live TV channels.

    Once you install Mobdro, you will be weekly and automatically updated with free video streams online from across the World.

    Benefits of having a Mobdro 4 in your device

    Without further ado, here are some of the most significant advantages when owning such an innovative app like Mobdro 4:

    Easily-navigated menu

    Mobdro’s interface is smartly and simply designed, which contributes for easy access to both adults and children.

    An endless source of content

    Mobdro's mission is to keep you updated with fascinating news from every single category, along with useful tutorial videos and TV channels.

    Consistent stream

    Video streams used in Mobdro TV are smoothly connected.

    You are highly recommended to refer to

    Displayed categories on the app interface

    As you can see when accessing the main screen of the app, here are all categories that give you a mind-blowing streaming experience:


    This is where you find popular TV channels such as CBS, HGTV, History Channel USA - the list goes on.


    Here we have CNBC News, CNN International, NBC News, Fox News and so on.


    For shows, Mobdro 4 brings you to well-known series such as The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons and a lot more.


    Movies of all kinds would be found, which include different genres such as action, comedy or horror.


    For sports, your all-time favorite channels are featured on Mobdro, with ESPN, ESPN 2, and so on.


    One of the most educational sections is animals, which shows you all you need to know about the World of fauna species, from inland to undersea.


    Even podcast is offered once you install Mobdro 4. Some can be listed as "The Ellen Show" or "Ted Talks."


    Other than the above, users will have access to many other streaming sections, such as Gaming, Music, Cooking and a lot more.

    To watch an available channel, first tap on "Category" to skim through your favorite content.

    After that, freely proceed to the stream or movie you find interesting.

    Explore more here

    Picking your favorite show with the "Searching Bar."

    So now, after scanning through all the available categories on your Mobdro apk Android, it's time to see how to pick your favored streams with a searching bar.

    The "Searching Bar" is located right at the upper right-hand corner of the main screen.

    Found it yet? Now feel free to tap on the "Magnifying Glass" and type in what you search for!

    A quick guideline into Mobdro apk setup

    First off, set up your "Favorites"!

    This can be done just by tapping on the three horizontal lines set at the upper left-hand corner.

    From there, you will be led to another screen where you can see your "Favorites" as well as other activities.

    To add a video into this "Favorites" section, find three tiny dots in each video available, open the Options menu and tap on "Favorite."

    There are also many more alternatives such as "Share," "Download" or "Play."

    These functions allow you to share a video on Facebook, Messenger or any other social media channels.

    Meanwhile, "Download" saves your videos to your device's local storage, and the "Play" function will start video streaming.

    Excited about this streaming app, you can see more here

    Regarding the "Settings" options, here are what you can do:


    "Player" allows you to enable hardware decoding. Let me put it simply; this means you can now use the accelerated hardware video decoding.


    Enable app updates using a mobile network data connection (not recommended). This may cost you money.


    Just like what you guess, with History, you can choose to clear your searching history or even request Mobdro never to store your searching history.


    With "Help," you would be taken to a list of basic answers and instructions.

    For instance, "What is Mobdro," "How to get Mobdro" and other FAQs.


    The "Troubleshooting" guide archives the most common issues users frequently encounter with when using Mobdro.

    Furthermore, "Troubleshooting" is where you can find "Permission & Data." This is to let users know everything about what Mobdro does with their data as well as some of the other "Legal" disclosure.


    As seen in any other application, the "About" section showcases the Mobdro version you are currently having on your device.

    Other than that, "About" will keep you updated with a full list of changes and detected problems in the installed version.

    And finally, you can see "Open source licenses." This reveals every single software used and developed by Mobdro.

    Besides, "Open source licenses" is where you will see the terms and conditions contained in the End-User License Agreement once you agree to download Mobdro app.

    Discover more and more interesting information by clicking on

    Final words:

    If you're reading this as a new user, chances are you are likely to download free Mobdro.

    You can freely stream videos without tossing any penny at first.

    However, for better features, Mobdro Premium is highly recommended.


    With Mobdro Premium, all advertisement would be blocked from disturbing your streams.

    Also, you can save videos offline. And of course, Chromecast support, sleep timer, cloud streaming, and a lot more amazing features would be fully accessible.

    Is this guideline good enough for you, our fresh Mobdro 4 users?

    Once you get the app, do not forget to read our instruction carefully before jumping into it!

    Quickly bookmark this site right away for later use, once you are ready to download Mobdro apk to your device.
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