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04/09/2003, 11h32
i got a v-twin 650 honda (the carbs are most likly clogged up) would someone be willing to look at my bike and give me there opinon on the case
and if anyone has done work like this before and strongly feel they can help me i would be willing to pay you for your time
email me or post a reply on this topic what ever just plz help everyone is counting the ridable days left in the summer and im missing out

04/09/2003, 22h24
Hello, yes i know how the carbs works i do that for living, so , i can check that for you. MP me to know when its possible for you. :D

04/09/2003, 23h41
srry first time i had something wrong with my fuel system
i asked around tonight at the julep and i was told that its most likly the fuel pump and after being told that it makes alot of sence (pertaining to how its running) so im going to test that tomarrow

but i got a new question in 1991 how many bikes did honda use the same fuel pump on, or did each and every type of bike they made have a diffrent fuel pump
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good trivea question :)