Voir la version complète : need a favor (can anyone weld aluminum)

23/08/2003, 18h51
well i had a lil oopsy today and i messed up my blinkers
the threaded steam that mounts the blinkers are broke
i just need someone to spot weld the two pieces back together
doesnt need to look pretty or even be perfectly strait it will be covered up im almost sure there made out of aluminum
lol it would take longer to set up than to do the welding its self if anyone can help me i would owe you one

23/08/2003, 20h07
There's a very good one here in St-Donat but maybe you'll say it's too far.
He use to be the welder for "Le Cirque du Soleil" so he must be good.
He welded my TL's frame a month ago. Very nice job!! :D

23/08/2003, 23h08
Makiavel knows someone that welds aluminum. send him a pm

23/08/2003, 23h56
ok thxs guys

26/08/2003, 10h45
I know one in Lachine.

He fixed my TL too