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08/08/2003, 09h50
I need help replacing my horn/blinker/choke box. Do I need to loosen the choke cable before installing this? I originally began replacing this because my blinkers don't work.
Once I opened up the box I noticed that a piece was cracked. I had no choice but to buy the entire box, now my question is: Do I need to loosen the choke cable to allow some play in order to instal the new box? If so, where do I start looking for the throttle cable adjustment? Even after connecting the new box my blinkers still don't seem to work - although the fornt blinkers were not connected when tested. - Must they be in order for the rear blinkers to work? Does anyone have some advice for me?

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08/08/2003, 10h38
ok !
first do you have check the fuse ??
for your choke cable you dont have a screw under the box for adjust
if not see near the carb were the cable is hold ! :roll: