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02/08/2003, 01h25
i just put a new chain and sprokets on my bike the chain i know isnt to tight but its makes this winding sound at freeway speed like it is anyone got any ideas what that is

03/08/2003, 12h14
Hi jaysunOne.

First off, make sure the chain slack is set as per manufacturer's specification.
I would guess between 40-50mm(1.5-2 inches).

Second, make sure the chain is well lubed.

A winding sound is usually due to a tight chain(not enough slack).

Good Luck! :drink

03/08/2003, 20h01
ya i realized today that is the problem, with me on the bike it is to tight and with me off the bike its just right. funny i set it when im off the bike so thats were i messed up im going to loosen it tomarrrow and see what happens thx for lookin out