Voir la version complète : Bruit en arriere chaine finis???

05/07/2003, 13h11
When I bought my bike the guy told me the chaine was do to be changed this was maybe 3 weeks ago. Yesterday while riding with my girlfriend on the back I heard a strange noise from behind, like clack, clack, clack, clack... I was in 5th gear at about 7000 RPM's, everytime I gave gas it made that noise but only at around that speed no other time. Is it possible that noise is from my chaine or sprocket? Should I still ride it until Monday when I can get it checked? The chaine looks loose when I move it. If the chaine breaks at 200KM it can get ugly right?

Where should I have it fixed? not MotoInternational...
Can anyone help me change it?


05/07/2003, 15h56
You can start by tightening the chain (see owner's manual). Check also if your sprocket teeths are square and not pointy or wavy.

05/07/2003, 16h24
There's a good chance that your chain is too loose...but if you tighten it and it still does the same thing than your chain is probably finished :(

05/07/2003, 16h31
dont screw with chains dude...i did and it cracked my engine on my old bike.....wait till monday and have it checked out