Voir la version complète : First valve adjustment ?

31/05/2003, 14h53
I made an appointment to have my first service (1000km ) done on my SV650. The dealer told me that I have to adjust the valves at 1000km.
I looked in the owners manual and it says the first valve adjustment is at 6000km.

Anyone have any input on this matter ?

31/05/2003, 16h02
look valve adjustment.. it's not automaticly...
i never adjust my valve cuz they were fine..
They need to check it out... but i think i went at 10k lol

I have 30k on my bike and only one valve was not closing properly or something like that at 29k..

31/05/2003, 22h38
Ya, same here, I have 30K on my VFR and I will need a valve adjustement
for the first time. In my manual, they stated to do one at 24600 km...
I guess they were right :)

05/06/2003, 23h07
I don't know that V-Twins are any different from in-lines, but my book recommended a "VALVE CLEARANCE CHECK" (not adjustment, check) at 24k. I had them checked, all 16 within spec! 1000km seems a bit early, unless of course he does it under warranty :D , If not, I think he's just trying to make an easy 200$ off-ya (since he probly won't even bother opening the valve covers and just say: "we checked-em, they were fine, come back at 6k, that'll be 200$ please) :flipa

And another thing, why the hell is a service needed after your first weekend out??? CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT THE FU.. THERE IS TO SERVICE ON A 1K BIKE...CHECK A FEW THINGS, NUTS AND BOLTS HERE AND THERE OK...BUT VALVES ?!?! COME ON! :x :x

To me, this whole first service thing is just a collective rip-off from the bike makers...a way for the dealers to get you back from not making much profit on selling you the bike. That being said that nice service invoice a week after buying the bike will look sweet in the "for when I sell it" folder!