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01/05/2003, 23h19
can anyone who has a R1, R6 or gixer help me out here?

I'm trying to take off the front wheel (freakin nail!!!! :x ) but there's a 19mm allen bolt!!!! :x

I can't find the socket for it. Does anyone have one?? I heard spark plug wrench works perfectly too...

01/05/2003, 23h28
hi f1 champ use a 19 mm head bolt with 2 nuts and a wrench if you are in brossard call me 656-9687

02/05/2003, 02h19
if you still have the little toolbag that they give you with the bike, it's probably in there.

looks like this:
then you pry with a bar to unscrew the bolt.
but it ain't no mastercraft tool, mine did is time!!!

02/05/2003, 14h07
I took it out with a spark plug wrench which fits perfectly :D thanks guys.