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27/03/2003, 13h30
I have a 98 gsxr 750, I am just wondering what to set the rear \ front suspension so it's moderately tighter. Everytime I try to power wheelie the back sags and absorbs the power hit, so I need to make it tighter. Get my point?

Sorry officer, I didn't know I couldn't do that. ( aka daddybusa ) :lol:

28/03/2003, 07h41
Well first off you need to get the suspension set back to your stock settings from the factory. You can find how to do this in you owners manual, if you don't have one, just come to my house and I'll do it for you. After that, well just set the preload ajustment to get more preload on your suspension, it will make it harder. I have mine at stock settings and it's fine for me because I weight only 145 pounds but if you weight more, you will need to play with your suspension a little more.

28/03/2003, 13h13
I'm 190 lbs or so.

Where do you live and how do I get there?

31/03/2003, 08h00
I'm on the south shore, I'll PM you my number, just call me.