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28/05/2011, 22h00
hello people,

I am buying a 2nd hand motorcycle and it is going to be my first purchase of a motor vehicle in Canada.
My question is;

1- how do we do it? do we meet the guy and go to notary for a sales contract, or do we go directly to saaq together? or is there another step to take?

2- at what stage do we make the payment to the seller.

3- how can we find out if the bike is stolen or if the person took a loan on the bike?

4- when do we make the insurance? which company is preferred by bikers?

and mr.admin if this is the wrong place to ask such a question please move this post to another directory

thanks in advance

28/05/2011, 22h11
1) You do it directly at the saaq
2) you make the payment just before to pass at the saaq ( usely you sign a little paper together)
3) you verify with the rdprm http://www.rdprm.gouv.qc.ca/
3) you need to have your own insurance as soon as you left the saaq .....I'm with the Capital and for me they are good

28/05/2011, 22h34
thank you very much, a final question, if i may!

what are the costs, other than,
the price of the motorcycle,
and insurance,

are there any taxes or fees etc.

28/05/2011, 22h44
You need to pay 1 taxe at the saaq ( not at the seller exept if it s a bizness) I think it s 9% or 7%, don t remember wich one you need to pay there.

28/05/2011, 22h48
thanx again friend

29/05/2011, 07h45
they take the value of the bike in the bluebook for the taxes

29/05/2011, 08h18
they take the value of the bike in the bluebook for the taxes

Unless you tell them you pay it more, then they use the amount you tell them to charge you with more taxes lol